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Commerical/ advertisement

Our company creates commerical and advertisment music. Music libraries for sale, as well as work for hire compositions

film production

We believe in creative projects. We fund, oversee, and organize film production for our clients

film composing

Our team includes a collection of talented composers ready for hire on film projects, trailers and more

connecting and consulting

We connect our clients, whether they be directors, writers or composers, with the talented artists on our team! We pride ourselves on finding the right fit for every project.

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Tallulah Coldiron (Left) Mica Giaconi (right)
New Haven Studios Logo Text
Independent Film Production Company (Text)

We created New Haven Studios to give predominantly women and queer composers opportunities and connections into the Film world. Whether it's with players, screening compositions for film, or contacting directors for possible job opportunities, we want to explore what we can offer our team and clients with the tools and connections that we have and make. "New Haven" to us means a new beginning into something we both love and expanding that space for a community to blossom and develop and share with care and nurture.   

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